Thai restaurant serving traditional Southeastern Thai street food in the centre of Helsinki

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Zaap Isan Thai Street Food is a new Thai restaurant on Iso-Roobertinkatu in central Helsinki. We cook traditional Southeastern Thai street food with fresh seasonal ingredients.


In our new Thai restaurant you can explore the unique cuisine of South East Thailand. We use authentic herbs and spices to prepare our meals, along with fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Our skilled chefs specialise in preparing traditional Southeastern Thai specialities.

We prepare delicious dishes fast, using gas stoves, among other traditional methods. You can enjoy your meal on site in our restaurant or order it for take-away.


Authentic street food is always affordable. Come and enjoy!

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In the photo gallery you can see the delicious dishes expertly prepared in our restaurant. We invite you for lunch and dinner or just to enjoy an authentic Thai drink.

Wide selection of drinks and cocktails

Located on the lively Iso-Roobertinkatu, our Thai restaurant also has a terrace where you can sip drinks and cocktails as well as enjoy meals. We have a wide range of drinks and cocktails to suit all tastes.


What could be better than an authentic Thai drink in a cosy atmosphere? Our restaurant has a casual atmosphere and our friendly staff will serve you with a smile. 

Experiences suited for you

If necessary, we will also take into account any food allergies you may have and create a taste experience to suit you. Our dishes may include ingredients typical to Thai traditional cuisine, such as fish sauce, crab paste, soy, oyster sauce and peanuts. Those with specific dietary requirements, such as vegetarians or vegans, will also find suitable options in our menu.


Contact our restaurant and we will tell you more about the meals we prepare!

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Unique products

Unique delicasies, such as liver or beef tenderloin, make our Southeastern Thai meals diverse and tasty.

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Fresh ingredients

We use fresh high-quality ingredients only. This enables us to deliver an unforgettable experience to each and every one of our customers.

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Customer satisfaction

In addition to delicious meals, we focus on customer service. We will make you feel at home, both alone and with friends.

Find us on the map and come enjoy our delicious meals!

Find Zaap Isan Thai Street Food on the map and come and try the delicacies of Southeastern Thai cuisine. We welcome you alone or with a group of friends. You can have both lunch and dinner in our cosy restaurant or just come for a drink.


Public transport – both tram and bus – takes you to our doorstep.


For more information on our food and services, please contact us! We will be happy to serve you.

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